Friday, March 6, 2015

Stuck Inside

I considered titling this post as "how to beat the winter blues part 4", but that would probably not be correct since most of these pictures were taken at home and this is not a way I would recommend dealing with a long, cold winter.  Out of necessity we have spent lots of time indoors this winter and we are just reaching that point (or maybe we got there several weeks ago) where I feel I can't take much more of our apartment. I am craving sunshine, warm days, and mornings/afternoons spent at the park.  We will be there soon!  The sun is out today, and even though it is still quite cold, it feels like spring is on its way and I see a light at the end of the tunnel in the 10-day forecast (it might reach 50 degrees...yay!).

Anyway, this is basically just a bunch of pictures of random things the boys have been up to.

Jesse built a library one day with the cardboard blocks.

Max revisited the walker, even though he could walk on his own at this point.

Jesse built a cool machine with tinkertoys.

Max got stuck in the potty/stool.

Hanging out in the hallway.  Max had mixed feelings about this.

Max snuck into the pantry one day and found the bag of Valentine's chocolates.  He knows exactly where all the good snacks are in this house.

Eating a smoothie...

Playing with snow in the kitchen.

Jesse's body, according to Jesse.  I traced his body and he filled it in.  Some parts are real and others are fictional (as you can probably tell), but each part has a story.

Jesse and James built this rocket with the straws and connectors.  Jesse fell asleep in it one day.

Max loves goldfish.  And he apparently loves eating them with his feet propped on the table.


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  1. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today. Love all the pictures!